01 Dezember, 2008

Advent, Advent...

The Advent calendars are hanging and my daughters were thrilled. It was hard to keep the little one from opening all of the little pouches today. Probably I'll have to hang it up a little higher.

And here is my version of the Advent candles. I made the numbers with silver wire and added some glass beads.

Have a great first December week.


  1. Wow!

    That are nice Advents Calenders,I really like them!Is not a wonder that your kids wanted to open it all at once, the same feeling I would also have!

    I follow your Blog since you visited me in my Blog Hellgrau. Not so long ago I tried to post a comment for you but it was not really working. I hope it wokrs this time.

    I`ll have an eye on your Blog regulary, because I dont´t want to miss one of your wonderfull ideas!


  2. LOVELY!!!!!!

    Schönen Gruß aus D!



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