12 Januar, 2010

Happy new Year!

I wish you a happy and healthy new year! My plan for the new year is to grow my interior design business,  be calmer and more relaxed with my children and try to live happy in the moment and not to worry or be angry about things that I can't influence. And learn to say "NO".

After November and December just flew by with project deadlines, birthdays, holidays... January is a little slower. For the first time since moving to Berlin I spent the last 2 days walking the streets, just taking everything in, exploring other neighborhoods.
Berlin is winterwonderland right now. We have tons of snow that slowly is turning into grey brownish mud. Moving around the city is a real challenge.

Here are some pics I took over the course of the last weeks...

a before pic of my last project:

around the neighborhood:

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  1. Hallo, ich hab Dich gerade in der Bloggerwelt entdeckt und wollte schnell ein Hallo da lassen :-)
    Bei Euch in Berlin ist es wohl auch verschneit. Bei uns in Franken schneit es seit Tagen durchgehend, so dass ich mir ernsthaft überlege, einen Skilift aufzumachen. Ich würd mich über mehr von Dir freuen und sende herzliche Grüße aus dem Wintersportzentrum


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